Lisboa Portugal

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It’s individual, if you like the sunset or the sunrise.

I have always liked the sunset :)

Here I will continue to uploaded pictures of sunsets.

Here are the sunsets I taken pictures of till now


Uden navn 3

spring sunset 2013


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From a short trip to Berlin

I slept in the back of a van, I had back then. While I was there, I got to know some Berliners, so in the end of the trip, i slept home privately with them in Kreuzberg.

From what I have seen in Berlin, I would highly recommend people to visit this European metropolis:


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Since I was little I’ve dreamed of going to the U.S.

So when the opertunety to go on the Training Ship Denmark presented itself, I went. However, the ship only went to Baltimore, Boston and Washington, so the dream has not quite come true yet ;)

Military and Training ship!

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Here are some photos,

From when I was Sailing with the Training Ship Denmark, mission 80. From when I was in the Royal Life Guards and later was trained as a Drill sergeant at the Military police.

Last but not least, pictures from when I was deployed to Kosovo on mission 2:

Scuba diving

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I have done scuba diving on the following locations:

Thailand, Mauritius, Greece and Bali in Indonesia.

I have Advanced Padi, and have done night dive, drift dive, wreck dive and cave dive.

Here is a movie from one of my dives:

Family Photos

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Family Photos:

Of my parents and grandparents:


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